Breads (Eggless)

Duration : 1 Day 4 hours
Price : 5000/-
Chef : Mahek Mandlik

There are more than hundred varieties of mouth-watering breads. These breads are mainly made unhurriedly by taking into account the process of fermentation with the help of natural ingredients and no added improvers and additives. These breads include the dinner rolls, pizza base, doughnuts, garlic bread etc., which are hand crafted and are not only natural but also healthy. It has an outstanding texture and flavour. Master the art of bread making at Mahek’s Atelier by joining their artisan bread baking course and learn some best breads to treat not only your family and friends but also yourself. Bake a whole new range of speciality breads in style.

Course Content

Dinner Rolls
Pull Apart Rolls
Pizza Base
Pita Bread
Garlic Bread
Indian Spiced Bread
Walnut Bread
Bread Sticks
Whole Meal Bread