French Entremets (With Eggs)

Duration : 2 DAYS
Price : 15000/-
Chef : Mahek Mandlik

French Entremets are rarely simple and requires a certain amount of expertise and practice to bring about the required elegance. There are a huge range of French entremets are sold and consumed popularly all across the world. Learn some of the best French entremets like Litchi & Strawberry, Mandarin Chocolate, Earl Grey Charlotte etc and impress your family and friends any time of the day. Learn the best and accurate techniques with hands-on activities and bring out the best in you. Mahek’s Atelier in it’s french entremets classes provides the opportunity to feast your eyes on the French must taste cakes and patisseries to try them both for yourself and others.

Course Content

L’OPERA - Jaconde sponge, Chocolate Ganache, Dark Chocolate Icing, Coffee Icing, Chocolate Glaze
LITCHI & STRAWBERRY - Sable Base, Lemon Dacquoise, Strawberry Jelly, Litchi Mousse
STRAWBERRY DREAM - Genes Sponge, Strawberry Jelified Coulis, Strawberry Cream, Almond Crumble, Yoghurt and Cream Cheese Mousse, Red Glaze
EARL GREY CHARLOTTE - Cigarette Dough, Special Sponge, Lady Finger Sponge, Orange Marmalade, Earl Grey Mousse
MANDARIN CHOCOLATE - Crispy Rice base, Mandarin Jelly, Vanilla Cremeux, Chocolate sponge, Chocolate Mousse