Swiss rolls course in mumbai

Swiss Rolls (With Eggs)

Duration : 1 Day 3 hours
Price : 4500/-
Chef : Mahek Mandlik

Swiss rolls are the ultimate gourmet desserts. They are extremely soft and delicious and the sponginess makes the Swiss roll stand out from the other desserts. The layer of the cake is made up of a standard recipe along with a filling of whipped cream. To make the best Swiss rolls, join the swiss rolls baking course Mahek’s Atelier and learn the manner in which chocolate is generously spread on a soft sponge and roll it to make a delectable one. Make the yummiest Swiss Rolls which is difficult to stop after the first bite.

Course Content

Basic Jam Roll
Coconut & Lime Angel Food Cake Roll
Black Forest Roulade
Peach Roulade
Chocolate Vanilla Roulade
Lemon Cream Swiss Roll
Matcha Green Tea Swiss Roll With Strawberry Mousse
Pink Velvet Roll With Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting