sauces and condiments making course in mumbai

International Sauces

Duration : 1 Day
Price : 4500/-
Chef : Mahek Mandlik

Pre-made sauces may be fast and easy, but whipping up your own sauces is easier than you think, as our quick recipes prove. Lets get tastier now! Come, experience it yourself!

Course Content

Cilantro Jalapeno Pesto
Chermoula Sauce
Chimichurri Sauce
Charred Tomatillo Salsa
Peach Salsa
Marinara Sauce
Mushroom Ragout
Classic Ragout
Tomato Concasse Sauce
Classic Veloute Sauce
Morden Chicken veloute sauce
Curry mayonnaise
Chillies mayonnaise
Hollandaise Sauce
Béchamel sauce
Soubise sauce
Cream sauce
Fines herbs sauce
Beurre sauce