French Desserts (With Eggs)

Duration : 2 DAYS
Price : 15000/-
Chef : Mahek Mandlik

The crown of the French cuisine is Dessert. Many of the influential and beloved sweets and desserts employ techniques and basics which are French in origin. The combination of all-purpose flours gives the dessert a delicate and a crumbly crust. The patisseries and bakeries in France are famous for a reason. The country specialises in everything from chocolate to fruit tarts, cookies and crepes as well. Learn all the wonders filled with crème patisserie to fruit tarts to sweet pastries, every item in the French desserts making classes at Mahek’s Atelier and serve the mouth-watering and delicious desserts to your friends and families.

Course Content

MANGO OPERA - Jaconde Sponge, Mango Jelly, Mango Butter cream, Mango Ganache
VANILLA AND SALTED CARAMEL CAKE - Speculos Base, Jaconde sponge, Salted Caramel cream, Vanilla Mousse, Chocolate Spray
L’EXOTIQUE - Salted Streusel Base, Caramel Banana Compote, Passion Fruit Cream, Dark chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Almond Sponge
FRUIT ROUGE DE ROULE - Vanilla Pate Sable, Croustillant, Strawberry Raspberry Jam, Viennese Sponge, Orange Blossom Ganache
PLAISIR - Chocolate Orange Sponge, Orange and Chocolate Chantilly, Vanilla Cremeux, Cocoa Streusel