chocolate making classes in mumbai

Chocolates Level 1

Duration : 1 Day
Price : 4000/-
Chef : Mahek Mandlik

Mahek’s Atelier offers superior Chocolate Making Classes. Mahek along with several other experienced chefs inform students about the nitty-gritty of Chocolate and showcase several recipes where the main ingredient is Chocolate. The level one of Chocolate making takes into account simpler recipes as compared to level 2 and the master class which is level 3. In this level, the students are taught Chocolate recipes which include Truffle, Marzipan, Bounties, Kit Kat, Dairy Milk etc. If you like savour Ferrero Rochers and want to grab them anytime of the day, simply join the Chocolate Making Classes at Mahek’s Atelier and make the best of them along with several others.

Course Content

Rum And Raisin
Salted Caramel
Very Strawberry
Tangy Delights
Hazelnut Crispies
Minty Coolers
Orange Lolipops
Columbian coffee
Paan pasand
Dairy milk
Marie magic
Kit kat
Almond rocks
Praline rocks
Cashewnut torrone
Marble chocolates
Ferrero rochers
Chocolate roses